Tuesday, October 23, 2012

What will they say next?

We were all in the nursery while I fed Elijah after work.  Omar took William to the bathroom, but Joy didn't see them leave.  A few minutes later, Joy looked around, then ran up to me almost in tears, and said, "Where's my William?"

William pointing to a gardener with a leaf blower, "Daddy, is he a wiseman?"

Wililam, after giving Elijah his pacifier: "He drank all his milk. Look! Now he's growing big and strong!"

Me, reading a recipe: "Mmmm, brown sugar!"
William: "I don't like sugar!"
Me: "I'm pretty sure you do!"
William: "No, 'cause I haven't had my coffee yet!"

William's dream: "There were 5 tractors and they had rocks in their hooks. So I took my sword and cut them off like this...then they put a beautiful red toilet in my room, and my daddy flushed me down it, and I ran away.  But that didn't really happen."

William was so excited when I told him we were going to visit Grandma Lil.  But I told him we weren't going until after naps, so he tried to take a nap at 9am!

Caught Joy standing on a chair looking at the pretties in my mom's china cabinet.  When I asked what she was doing, she said, "I'm looking at Grandma's toys!"

Elijah spit up a little, and Joy said, "Uh oh, he spilt!" and wiped his chin.

Been having trouble with William having BMs in his underwear.  He was so excited when he made it to the toilet, he called, "Daddy! Daddy! Come watch me poop in the toilet!" And he was so proud because he "made Daddy happy."

I was woken up yesterday to see Joy leaning over the bassinet and saying, "Mommy, I love my baby brother!"

William about Elijah: "He's cute.  He likes being cute."

Joy calls my sister's 3 cats Delilah, "the orange kitty," and "the other kitty."

William keeps calling his new cousin (Eliyah) "Delilah."

When William eats Lucky Charms, he starts with them dry and picks out all the "colors" (marshmallows).  Then he asks for milk and a spoon to finish the rest.