Monday, July 25, 2011

Family Stories


As I buckled William into the carseat this morning, he started singing (to the tune of Jesus Loves Me): "Jesus buckles me in my seat..."


I don't usually put shoes on Joy for daycare, just for things like going to the store or the park.  This morning, though, Joy sat and watched while William and I put on our shoes.  Then she crawled over to the shoe rack and grabbed her shoes, and started calling me and waving her shoes at me.  So I put her shoes on, and she was happy. =)


3am, I am awakened from a sound sleep...
Omar: "How is William?  I need an answer here. How is William?"
Me: "What are you talking about?"
Omar: "I don't know.  How is William?"
Me: "I don't know, I haven't heard anything from the kids in 3 hours.  You woke me up."
Omar: "Oh. How is he?"
At this point, I ignored him and rolled over and went back to sleep.  Of course, Omar remembers none of this.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

True Story

So yesterday, I just had a kind of rough day at work.  I was slammed with more work than I was expecting, and nothing went smoothly, and I was trying to train two new girls in medical records.

Right before I left, I was chatting with my coworker and said, "You know what would make everything better? A peach milkshake from Chik Fil A."

I picked up Omar and the kids, and told Omar about my day as we all got settled in the car and left the church parking lot.  I did not mention my conversation at the end of the day with my coworker, and Omar doesn't know her (just for the record). Omar said we needed to go to the Target in Foothill Ranch because we needed handsoap and breakfast food for Joy.  I agreed, but asked why Foothill Ranch because the one on Jeronimo is much closer.

My absolutely, amazing, wonderful, loving husband said, "Because it's next to the Chik Fil A, and you need a peach milkshake!"

Sunday, July 17, 2011

OC Fair

We took the kids to the Orange County Fair yesterday!  I hadn't been in years, and it was tons of fun to go with the kids.
We left home around 9:30, right after Joy's morning nap.  The first stop was Target, to get a leash for William.  Yes, I put my son on a leash.  I always thought I would never do that to my kid, but we knew it would be so busy at the fair, and William is prone to taking off suddenly.  So we got him one of the monkey backpacks, with a leash for a tail.  It worked out so great!  It was slightly problematic, because William thought that pulling on it and running in circles around us was a great new game, but it was very reassuring to know exactly where he was all the time.  For Joy, we tried out a new wrap with the Moby: the hip hold.  Joy loved it, she could look around and see and reach for things, but she could also lay her head on me and snuggle close when all the sights and sounds got intimidating.  And it was a better hold for me, because she is getting too heavy for the traditional front wrap.

The excitement for the kids started in the parking lot of the fairgrounds.  William was so excited to see all the cars, and he could see the ferris wheel, and Joy was pointing and smiling at everything.  We walked past a charter bus that backfired, and William jumped and screamed, then laughed.

We made it through the ticket booth just in time to catch the Early Bird $2 admission for me and Omar, and of course the kids were free.

First stop was livestock. We saw cows, sheep, and pigs.  The sheep were quite noisy, and every time one bleated at William, he jumped and yelled back.  One of the girls from the youth group at church had a lamb there named Thor, so we saw her and got to meet Thor.  That's the one in the video on Omar's Facebook, if you saw that.

As we came out of the last barn, we saw two HUGE oxen yolked together.  They were giving a small demonstration.  Their shoulders were taller than Omar.  William was mostly unimpressed though, until one of the oxen starting peeing, at which point, William stopped in dismay, "Oh, maaaan!"

We wondered through the fairgrounds and soon stumbled across the pony rides.  Of course, every horse William meets now must be Bullseye from Toy Story.  So William got a ride on Bullseye.  As we continued our walk, we kept passing signs for roasted corn on the cob, giant turkey legs, fish and chips, hot dogs, and of course fried everything.  Joy start shouting out in excitement everytime she saw some one with food, so we realized it was probably time for some lunch.

Despite all the exotic offerings, we determined that the thing the kids were most likely to eat were hot dogs and french fries.  (Actually, Joy would probably have eaten anything, but William is pickier.)  We paid a small fortune for some sunscreen, because of course we had forgotten to bring any.  I lathered up Joy and myself while Omar took William to the bathroom.  Then I did William while Omar got us some food.  The hot dogs for the kids, and some chicken fajitas and roasted corn for me and Omar.  Joy sat on the table smiling and being adorable while waiting, charming everyone sitting nearby.

William ate a decent amount of food, and Joy ate everything she could get in her mouth, and took a hot dog bun along for the ride when we got up to continue exploring.

We were running out of time, energy, and money, so we just wandered a little further into the fairgrounds.  We stopped a minute to hear a band playing, but William didn't know why he couldn't go up and play the drums.  We saw more signs for foods, and stumble upon the kids rides, but decided not to do any that day.  

Then we found a "Backyard Monsters" exhibit.  It was a tent of bugs.  There were several giant robotic bugs that moved.  William screamed a little when the massive wasp lunged towards him a bit.  But William liked looking at all the samples of bugs in the cases, all the beetles and walking sticks and stuff.

After that, we decided to call it a day. We headed back towards the parking lot and decided to get a sweet treat to end our day.  We were a little short on cash, so no cotton candy, but we were able to get a large cherry lime icee to share.  Joy was really into the icee; she kept trying to climb out of the Moby wrap to get to it when it wasn't her turn.

Into the car and trying to navigate our way out of the fairgrounds.  Both kids were gone before we hit the freeway.  Unfortunately, they both thought that the half hour ride home was enough of a nap and proceeded to be cranky the rest of the day.  William only sweetened up when Elvis and Lauren came over to hang out, and he told them about everything he saw at the fair.

We had a blast, and we're planning on going back again before the fair ends.  We'll go a little earlier to do a little more before the kids hit their limit.  I want to let William try some rides, and some cotton candy.  I want to see the glass blower and the Ice Museum. And then Omar and I want to abandon the kids one evening and go on our own to have some fun.  Maybe with the Illescases.  I need to eat something fried.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Long Overdue

I am long overdue for a post about my kids.  So here you go, an array of stories, in no particular order:

My brother was in town this weekend, and we had lunch with him on Sunday.  While happily chowing down on french fries, Joy paused a moment to wave a french fry at Chris and tell him, "I like that!"

William was asleep when we arrived at the restaurant.  But as we tried to lay him down across some chairs, he started to stir, and spotted the basket of chips on the table.  Instantly he sat up, look around, said, "chips!" and started eating.

Omar's car had to go to the dealer for some repairs.  After work, the kids and I took Omar to pick up the car.  We hung out in the parking lot for a few minutes to make sure Omar got the car okay, and I told William we were waiting for Daddy.  When I saw Omar start driving in his car, I backed out of my spot to follow.  William started yelling at me, "No, no! Don't go! We have to stop!  We have to wait for Daddy!"  I told him that Daddy had his car, and pointed it out as Omar drove by.  Omar honked and waved as he passed, so I told William, "Let's follow Daddy home," and he agreed to that plan.

Our couch reclines, and last night Omar laid back in the his section.  Joy seized the opportunity to try to crawl back there.  I saw her go around the corner, but thought she was just going to rattle the gate at the bottom of the stairs.  Omar and I stared at each other in surprise when we heard a squawk from right behind us.  I jumped up to find Joy stuck in the spot where it got narrow again after the wider opening from the recliner.  I told Omar not to move, and with a little squirming, Joy got backed out enough for me to grab her and pull her out.  She was a little upset and covered in lint and dust.

William keeps telling me that Joy wants to sleep in his bed with him.

William likes to share his granola bar with Joy.  They sit on the floor together, and William takes a bite, then gives Joy a bite, and they eat the whole granola bar that way.

After William threw up last Friday, I took him downstairs to tell Omar.  After I told Omar what happened, William nodded very seriously and said, "It's yucky."

Joy's favorite book is "Baby Says Peekaboo."  It has lift up flaps, and textured objects, and a mirror on the last page.  She always finds that book for her bedtime story.  Even if I hide it in the back of the book cabinet, she'll pull all the other books out and find it.  When my mom babysat last Sunday, I forgot to tell her that we had added that to the routine.  But after my mom put Joy in her pajamas, she said Joy crawled over and opened the cabinet and got that book out for my mom to read to her.

And that concludes this installment of William and Joy stories.