Thursday, November 8, 2012


I love evenings like this.  It was a cold, wet day (very welcomed after all the hot, dry weather we've been having).  So as soon as we got home, we all changed into our pajamas.  After evaluating the ingredients in the pantry/fridge, we decided to order pizza for dinner.  We all snuggled down on the couch to watch Sleeping Beauty.  Elijah went to bed fairly early, and when the pizza arrived, we spread a picnic blanket on the living room floor for William and Joy.  After the movie and dinner were over, I read a sticker/activity book with Joy and William.  Then we practiced our sneaking skills to get Joy and William into bed without waking Elijah.  Now, I'm sitting with a vanilla caramel latte (Maxwell's House instant mix is actually pretty good), getting ready to start some work, but enjoying a moment of relaxation first.

And now, without further ado, some excerpts from Life...

William came into my room one morning with his puppy wrapped up in a blanket like a baby. "See? Because he's tiny. 'Cause that's how God made him, like baby Elijah."

I had brought Elijah to bed to feed him and fallen back asleep. I was woken up by Omar, who was laughing at Elijah who was struggling to latch back on with a "dunking head dance."

Elijah met his Aunt Connie for the first time. They stare at each other for five minutes, and Elijah tried to talk to her a little.  Then Elijah managed to pull her scarf off and spit up on her arm.

Joy was being a bit of a cranky pill one morning.  I finally got fed up and told her she needed to get dressed and fix her attitude.  She perked up and said, "That's my job?" "Sure," I answered, "that's your job."  For some reason, she loved that idea and improved her behavior immediately.

An older couple was sitting across from us eating at the Fish Market.  As we got up to leave, the wife said, "Enjoy your family. That was us 50 years ago; time goes too fast. Enjoy your family now!"

Conversation with Joy:
Joy: "I'm not happy."
Me: "I can see that. Why are you not happy?"
Joy: "'Cause I'm sad."
Me: "Why are you sad?"
Joy: "'Cause I'm not happy."

The Bean got his heel hooked on the ladybug ring of his activity mat, so every time he kicked, it played music, and he was tickled to death over it.

At lunch, Joy was stacking her french fries against her cup like a wall, yelling, "Don't break it! Don't break it!"

William lined up his Avengers and started singing, "Heigh ho, heigh ho..."

The yellow Wolverine was missing. When questioned, William answered, "I gave it to Joy, and she ate it!"

I love that both Joy and William have started referring to Elijah as the Bean.

From Omar: "I told the story of Jericho this morning to my preschoolers.  I told them about Rahab and the spies. I told them about the soldiers marching around the walls. I told them about the priests and their trumpets. I told them that God said He would help Joshua. I told them about obedience being an honor to God. With urgency, William's hand shot up. "Daddy, did the preists sing 'heigh ho?'"

From Omar: "William just called Joy an overgrown pocketwatch. Thank you, Lumiere."

William is not a fan of his eyepatch this time around.  His latest excuse: "I'm trying to grow big. The patch stops me from growing."

I was making the Bean laugh during bathtime by making smacking noises with my lips. Later that night, Elijah woke up, and Omar burped him then laid him back down. Shortly after, I went to bed and noticed that Elijah was still awake, watching his hands wave around in the air. Then as I was falling asleep, I heard him start to make the same smacking noises I had been making earlier!

William was so excited to share: "My dad's class and me are in a new month now. It's called November!"
I asked Elijah, "Are you hungry?" Joy overheard and said, "He wants to eat you!"

Another patch excuse from William: "But I'm Captain America! I can't be Captain America with my patch on!"

I was reading the story of the Good Samaritan to William and Joy. When I got to the part where the man was beaten and robbed, William interrupted, "Yeah, they took his Lightening McQueen toys and his Buzz Lightyear."

The first night Elijah slept in William and Joy's room, he started crying shortly after I put him down. As I walked back in to check on him, I heard Joy saying, "Baby, you want Mommy?"