Monday, December 27, 2010

William Stories

William has been very entertaining this last week.  I'll see how many stories I can remember.  In no particular order:

I was cleaning out Joy's nose with the bulb syringe one morning, and she was screaming and crying, so William came running over and said, "No! Don't do that! Don't do that to baby!"

Last night, I was rocking William before bed, and he asked me to sing the Wheels on the Bus.  When I started singing, he started beat-boxing through the entire first verse.

In Sunday School, William was trying to put his sippy cup in the seat of the car, but the car was on its side so the cup kept rolling out.  William got very frustrated and yelled at his sippy cup, "No! Water in timeout!"

William just fell over and told me his bum-bum hurts.

Joy was giving me a hard time about going to bed, so I decided to let her cry just a couple minutes.  William was still awake, so I told him baby was going to cry for a few minutes, but she was ok and I would be right back.  Downstairs, I listened to Joy cry over the monitor for a few seconds, and then we heard William: screaming back at Joy.  I had to go take Joy out, and Omar had to put William to bed again.

I had Joy laying on her tummy on the floor while I did a few chores.  As I walked past, I stopped and said, "Hey Joy, how you doing?"  William ran over and told me, "Baby pooping!"  I checked her diaper, and he was right!
William is starting to articulate more complex thoughts.  He was holding his Lightening McQueen in his hand and told me, "Lightening McQueen is red.  This is not green.  This is red.  Chick is green."

Ok, that's all I've got for now. =)

Monday, December 13, 2010

Our First "Overnighter"

We took both kids on a little overnight trip to Santa Clarita this weekend, for the Howard Christmas Party on Saturday night, and then Titus's dedication on Sunday morning.  I was so proud of how both of them handled all the new situations.

Joy was a typical baby; she can eat and sleep (and poop) anywhere.  She had no problem sleeping in the hotel; we brought her playpen, so that was a familiar spot for her.  She had a blow out during the Christmas party; Omar passed her off to me real quick when that happened, and I had to change her out of her cute party outfit.  Then during the dedication Sunday morning, as the pastor started praying, I heard Joy start pooping, and she kept going and going, and I figured I needed to get her out of there.  I changed her diaper in the car, luckily it all stayed in her diaper.  She did it again right before we left when she was laying on her belly playing with Titus; she thought it was pretty funny, too.  And then to top it all off, when we got home and I went to change her diaper before bed, I found even more poop!

William impressed me this weekend with his memory and comprehension.  When we were getting ready to leave home, I asked him if he wanted to go see Uncle Adam and Aunt Erin, and he said, "Yeah!  And baby Titus!"  When we got there, he remembered that last time we were there, Erin gave him some cheese, so shortly after we arrived this time, he went and asked her for cheese again.  He also remembered that when he had to poop last time, he hid behind their table.  Only this time, they had moved the table out for the party.  After telling me he needed to poop, William started asking me where the table went.  I didn't get the connection at first, but once I figured it out, we tried to offer him different places to hide, but no luck; he didn't poop until the next day at Red Robin when he hid behind the stroller.

William had a little more difficulty with the hotel than Joy did.  Omar pushed one of the beds against the wall for a safer place to sleep, but William was apprehensive about sleeping in a new place.  While we were getting him ready for bed, someone was knocking on another door out in the hallway, and it really concerned William that someone might be out there.  He kept saying that they shouldn't knock on the door, and Omar had to take him over to show him that he locked the door.  I had to lay down with William until he fell asleep. When he got up the next morning, he said, "I don't like knock on door.  Don't unlock the door, ok?"  Then while we were getting ready, William managed to find the one un-bumpered corner in the room and gave himself a good size knot on his head.

At church the next day, Omar took William to the nursery after the dedication.  William cried when Omar left him, but per caregiver's report was fine once they went out to the playground.  And when Omar picked him up, William was all smiles and told me, "I went to the park. I like it!"  William was so well-behaved during lunch, despite a long wait.  But poor guy was tired after being up so late and all the new things; he fell asleep right after leaving the restaurant, stayed asleep from the car to Adam and Erin's bed, woke up going from bed back to car, but fell right back asleep again.  Both kids slept most of the way home.

Overall, a good experience.  I would do it again, except I would plan to be in the hotel room earlier to give the kids more time to settle down and get to sleep in a new place.  And of course, it was great to see Adam, Erin, and Titus, and especially to see Titus dedicated (or at least partly, since I had to make a quick exit with Joy in the middle).  It's good to spend time with family.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Joke of the Day

One of our nurses at work is pregnant and just recently found out she is having a baby girl.  I was sharing this news with Estelle, when Debi walked past our office door.  Evidently, she only heard part of our conversation, because she came in and said, "Julie!  Are you pregnant?!"

Man, did I laugh at that one.  Can you imagine if I was pregnant again already?  Joy isn't even 4 months old yet!  I don't want to completely rule out the possibility of any more kids ever, but for now, I feel our family is complete with just the four of us.  Plus, after the complications I had with Joy, I'm not in a hurry to rush into anything like that again.

I've got my boy, and I've got my girl, and I've got a great husband, and for now I'm content with showering all my love on just them.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

William and Christmas

I'm not keeping up with this blog as much as I would like.  By the time I get to the end of the day when I may have time to write, I'm usually just too tired to care or I can't remember what I wanted to write about or there are so many things to write about that I can't pick just one.

The other night, I was rocking William at bedtime, and he suddenly tipped his head back and smiled at me with so much love and happiness in his little face.  I worry sometimes that because Joy needs so much attention right now, then William may not be getting enough.  But he's been so good with her, especially now that she can smile and laugh a lot, he loves to get in her face and make her smile.  Tomorrow, Grandpa will be in town, and William will have him to himself all day.  That kind of thing is good for him, a little one on one attention.

I'm so excited for Christmas this year, because William will really be able to get into it.  He's already super-excited about the Christmas tree.  He's only tried to take a couple of ornaments off.  And he's decided that the elf and Santa climbing the ladder on the tree are "William and Grandpa."  William is getting a lot of Cars (the Disney movie) gifts this year; he watches that movie almost every day.  His big gift is going to be a tricycle (and helmet); I cannot wait to see his face Christmas morning!

I'm trying to find time to read A Christmas Carol.  I usually read it every year around this time, but I'm having trouble getting around to it this year.  It's my favorite Christmas book.  And of course, my favorite movie version of it is A Muppet Christmas Carol.  I watched that Sunday night when I had an evening to myself.  I tried to get William into reading the book "A Story a Day till Christmas," but he can't sit still long enough to get through a story.  I also tried to get him to watch A Muppet Christmas Carol, but he asked to watch iCarly or Cars instead.