Monday, December 27, 2010

William Stories

William has been very entertaining this last week.  I'll see how many stories I can remember.  In no particular order:

I was cleaning out Joy's nose with the bulb syringe one morning, and she was screaming and crying, so William came running over and said, "No! Don't do that! Don't do that to baby!"

Last night, I was rocking William before bed, and he asked me to sing the Wheels on the Bus.  When I started singing, he started beat-boxing through the entire first verse.

In Sunday School, William was trying to put his sippy cup in the seat of the car, but the car was on its side so the cup kept rolling out.  William got very frustrated and yelled at his sippy cup, "No! Water in timeout!"

William just fell over and told me his bum-bum hurts.

Joy was giving me a hard time about going to bed, so I decided to let her cry just a couple minutes.  William was still awake, so I told him baby was going to cry for a few minutes, but she was ok and I would be right back.  Downstairs, I listened to Joy cry over the monitor for a few seconds, and then we heard William: screaming back at Joy.  I had to go take Joy out, and Omar had to put William to bed again.

I had Joy laying on her tummy on the floor while I did a few chores.  As I walked past, I stopped and said, "Hey Joy, how you doing?"  William ran over and told me, "Baby pooping!"  I checked her diaper, and he was right!
William is starting to articulate more complex thoughts.  He was holding his Lightening McQueen in his hand and told me, "Lightening McQueen is red.  This is not green.  This is red.  Chick is green."

Ok, that's all I've got for now. =)

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