Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Joke of the Day

One of our nurses at work is pregnant and just recently found out she is having a baby girl.  I was sharing this news with Estelle, when Debi walked past our office door.  Evidently, she only heard part of our conversation, because she came in and said, "Julie!  Are you pregnant?!"

Man, did I laugh at that one.  Can you imagine if I was pregnant again already?  Joy isn't even 4 months old yet!  I don't want to completely rule out the possibility of any more kids ever, but for now, I feel our family is complete with just the four of us.  Plus, after the complications I had with Joy, I'm not in a hurry to rush into anything like that again.

I've got my boy, and I've got my girl, and I've got a great husband, and for now I'm content with showering all my love on just them.

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