Sunday, January 9, 2011


Omar and I went to Disneyland yesterday to celebrate our 4th anniversary.  We had a great time.  We rode some rides and walked around a lot and ate food.  There was no wait for Pirates of the Carribean, and only a 10 minute wait for Indiana Jones.  We had to wait a bit for the Mattahorn, and the longest line was 45 minutes for Tower of Terror.  It was my first time riding Tower of Terror, and I loved it!  If the line wasn't so long, I would have done it again. We did not take the kids; they stayed with Grandma.  We bought them souvenirs, though.  Joy got a princess dress, and William got a Lightening McQueen t-shirt and jacket.  Since I didn't have Joy with me for the day, I had to take the breastpump.  It worked really well.  We rented a locker on Main Street to store the pump, and two times during the day, I retrieved it and walked around the corner to the Baby Care Center.  It's really nice; they have a large changing area, high chairs, and even a small kitchen with sink and microwave.  They also have a private nursing area with big wing back chairs, and in the corner of that is a little cubicle with chair, table, and electrical outlet for pumping.

Despite the wonderful facilities, I'm glad we didn't take the kids.  For one, it's good for our marriage to get away on our own for a bit now and then.  For the other, they are too young for Disneyland.  We get a lot of people wondering why we haven't taken William to Disneyland, so let me explain.  There's no doubt that William would have a great time, and even Joy would probably be entertained by the decorations and colors and so much going on.  But we saw so many examples yesterday of why we don't take the kids:  parents trying to juggle strollers, diaper bags, backpacks, and food; one parent going on a ride while the other had to wait on a bench with the baby; and most importantly, kids that quickly got too tired and whiney and crying.  Right now, the kids require too much stuff to go anywhere, and they don't have the endurance to last long.

But, we discussed it a lot yesterday, and we decided that we will probably take William for his 3rd birthday this year.  Just William.  He'll probably enjoy having Mommy and Daddy all to himself just as much as he enjoys Disneyland.  It'll be so much fun; everything we did yesterday, I wondered what William will think of it.  Next year, they are opening Radiator Springs in California Adventure, and we'll definitely have to take William to that.

Oh, and he has to have a chocolate covered frozen banana.

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