Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Relaxing Evening

Last night was just a nice evening at home. 

I beat Omar and the kids home last night by about 20 minutes.  So I got all my chores done: started laundry, put the kids' clothes away, got the oven preheating for dinner, and picked up around the house.  When Omar and the kids got home, they spent some time in the living room while I got dinner on the table.  I peeked in and saw Joy lying on the floor with Omar leaning over her.  She was stroking his face and beard and chatting at him.  So so sweet.

For the first time last night, all 4 of us sat down to eat dinner together at the table.  It was just leftover pasta and garlic bread, but it was so nice to sit as a family and talk about our days.  William told us that he played on the playground and went down the slide.  Joy seemed to get a kick out of sitting with us at the table: she was very smiley and chatty.

After dinner, we all hung out in the living room and played for a little bit.  When Joy started getting fussy, I took her upstairs and gave her a bath and got her ready for bed.  I sat in the rocker, and she nursed for about 10 minutes, then just stared at me.  I sat her up and got a good burp, then rocked her for another 5 minutes, and she just stared at me the whole time.  So I layed her down, and she picked her head up and watched me leave.  I changed the laundry over, and 5 minutes later, I went back in and she was sound asleep.

When I came out of Joy's room, Omar had William in the bath.  I went downstairs and cleaned up the kitchen, then went back up to give William kisses good night before heading out for a quick trip to the pharmacy to pick up some refills on our prescriptions.

When I came home, I started working out on the Wii Fit until Omar came downstairs.  Then I let him take the Wii Fit, and I did some sit up and core exercises on our balance ball.  Afterwards, we cooled down on the couch together and watched some TV, and ate some chips and spinach dip.  Our late night snacks are probably our most unhealthy habit, but it's just relaxing to sit together and share some food and watch a show.  At one point, William started crying, and Omar went up to check on him and found he had hit his head on the bedrail and his head was hanging off the bed.  Poor boy.  I'm sure Omar gave him some hugs and kisses before putting him back to bed.

So we went upstairs and put laundry away, read for a few minutes, and went to bed.  I'm hoping that since we have less going on in our lives now, these nice family evenings will happen more often.

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