Sunday, January 16, 2011

Joy-ful Worship

Omar led worship at Crossroad Church today.  Since we only had the Honda to drive, and we were concerned about fitting kids and equipment, William went to church with Grandma and Grandpa, and we just took Joy with us.

Joy had a wonderful time.  We walked around a little before service started, and she smiled and giggled at everyone she met.  I took her upstairs to the "cry room" for the service.  She seemed to really enjoy the view, looking out over everyone's heads.  And she loved the worship!  It was half an hour past when I expected her to be hungry, and she was just bouncing up and down on my lap singing along.  I'm pretty sure she recognized Daddy's voice, and when he started praying, she got really excited and prayed right along with him!  When the pastor got up to speak, she finally lost interest in the service and decided she was ready to eat.  Such sweet, innocent enjoyment of worship.  I hope she never loses that spirit.


On a side note, I am grateful that we have found a wonderful babysitter in Katy.  I was worried about some one being able to juggle both kids, but she seems to do it with grace.  William has already gotten attached to her.  The first night she watched them, he woke up in the morning and asked, "Where's Katy?" Tonight, we got home right after he went to bed, and I went in to check on him, and he said, "Katy bye-bye?" and wanted her to come back and say good-bye to him. 

Then he tried to get out of bed and tell me, "I don't sleep no more!"

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