Friday, September 2, 2011


Dropping William off at daycare one morning, I paused to talk to Faye about his last eye appointment and prognosis.  As we were ending our conversation, we both looked over at William sitting at the breakfast table.  When he saw us looking, he shouted, "Rock and roll!" with appropriate hand gesture.

Joy got her twelve month shots last week. She started crying, and I picked her up as soon as I could, and the nurse quickly scooped up her supplies and left.  After a few minutes, Joy calmed down, looked over at the door where the nurse had exited, and in a firm, angry voice said, "Dah! Ba dah! Ah!" and shook her little fist at the door.

Conversation as I tuck William into bed:
William: "Sleep with me!"
Me: "No, I have to sleep in my bed."
William: "No, your bed is too big for you!"

We went to pastor's house for lunch last Sunday.  Miss Sandy had saved a dead butterfuly for William to look at.  William held it gently in his hands for a few minutes admiring the colors.  Then he sat down on the ground and said, "Here he goes!"  When the butterfly didn't go anywhere, William looked up and announced, "It needs new batteries!"

William did so good getting his flu shot.  He didn't cry at all, just gave a little shout/whine when he got the shot, then said, "I need a lollipop."

Joy was standing at the couch, and I went to take her hand so she could walk to the stairs to go to bed.  But instead of forwards, Joy started walking backwards!  She was so proud of herself.

Joy likes to drape articles of clothing around her neck in an attempt to dress herself.  And her idea of helping with the laundry is to pull all the clothes out of the basket and scatter them across the floor.

William rode his tricycle all the way to the park, played for over half an hour, then rode his tricycle all the way home!  His first complaint when arriving home was, "I'm hungry!"  Then he napped for 2-1/2 hours.

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