Thursday, September 20, 2012

Get Back Into It

I am going to get back into updating this blog.  I just read all my old posts, and I LOVE reading all the old stories about the kids.  Those little things can get forgotten so quickly and easily, so even if no one else reads this blog, it's worth it to keep it up just for ME.  Also, for a little while, I kept a little notebook in my purse to write down funny things the kids said/did right when they happened so I wouldn't forget.  I should do that again, too.

What do I have to remember today?

This morning, Elijah was lying awake in his bassinet, and I asked William to watch him while I got Joy dressed.  William came running into the room every 5 seconds to tell me, "His face just did this..." "He just made a noise like this..." etc...

This morning, Joy was playing with some giant bug toys in the nursery, and Jen asked her what the bug's name was.  Joy answered, "Brian." (Jen's husband's name).

Joy will eat an apple all the way down until there is just a 1" diameter ball left with the seeds in the middle.

This is an old one, but when Elijah was somewhere around 5 weeks old, my mom walked in while he was nursing and asked him if he ever did anything but eat, and he stopped eating for a second and gave her a huge smile. =)

Elijah does really great at daycare, but I think he misses me during the day.  When I drop him off, I feed him, and he stays latched on as long as I'll let him like he knows I'm leaving when he's done.  In the evening, when I pick him up, he wants to eat immediately, and then through the rest of the evening, just wants to be draped across my chest/shoulder.

I really need to start carrying that little notebook again, because William says so many funny things now, and I can't remember them...

We've told the kids that if they keep crying/whining when the movie turns off in the van, they won't be allowed to watch movies in the car anymore.  Now, whenever the movie turns off, William says, "Ok Joy, remember, don't cry now."

That's all for now, more to come!

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