Sunday, February 20, 2011

Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue

William finally earned his Buzz Lightyear!  Daddy has been promising a Buzz Lightyear for a good poop in the potty, and we've been trying for a week, and finally had success this morning.  It's been a discouraging week with lots of accidents, but it seems like something finally clicked in William's head this morning, and I feel like we're going to make good progress now.

We stayed home from church this morning because William had a fever last night (turns out he's been fine all morning, though).  I was on the phone with Omar, and had just commented that William was in underwear and hadn't gone to the potty in almost 2 hours, so I'd better try to get him to go, when William started rolling back and forth on the floor saying, "poopy! poopy!"

I hung up on Omar and rushed William to the bathroom.  We were downstairs, and the stool down there isn't quite tall enough for William to rest his feet on.  He sat down but got very upset and didn't want to try to poop.  So I took him upstairs where he could rest his feet on the stool, but he still didn't want to try, and started crying and asking for his diaper.  I said, "William, you're about to get your Buzz!" and he sat down and pooped.  I think partly, he just couldn't hold it anymore, because it was a little bit of diarrhea.

But we celebrated with a little dance.  And we called Daddy, and first thing out of William's mouth was, "I want my Buzz!"

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