Sunday, February 13, 2011

Family Moments

Yesterday was the laziest Saturday we've had in a long time.  The only person in the house to get dressed was Joy, and that was just because of diaper malfunctions.  Oh, wait, Omar did get dressed: at about 6pm to go get Chinese take out for dinner.  But what I loved more than staying in my pajamas all day were the quality family moments we had throughout the day.

In the morning, Joy went down for an early nap.  And William actually sat down to look at books with me.  I'm thrilled that he is finally showing an interest in books (I credit my brilliant idea to buy him a Cars book for Christmas).  He even "read" one of Joy's books to me (each page is "Where's the baby? Is he behind the ____?" then lift the flap and see the baby "Peekaboo...").  He told me that the exclamation point on his Sesame Street book "Everybody Dance!" was "too loud."

When Joy woke up, she and William played ball together (see video on Facebook).  It was the most precious thing.  They were both smiling and laughing at each other.  And when Joy managed to push the ball towards William, he jumped up and down exclaiming, "She did it! Baby did it!" The more that Joy is able to interact with William, the more he loves her.  And Joy is crazy about William.

At some point in the afternoon , we all ended up on the couch together, Joy on my lap and William on Omar.  Omar and William were playing, and Joy was watching and laughing at them, and I felt so blessed at that moment to have such a wonderful family.

When William got down to play, Joy discovered that she could get passed back and forth by a little fussing and waving her hands at the other parent.  She's getting such a sweet little personality now.  She's getting really good at sitting up too.  I had her in her rocking chair to eat dinner, and she refused to lean back, just sat straight up the whole time.  She loves chicken and apples.

Just an all around lazy, loving, wonderful day with my family.

And a bonus story from this morning:
Joy was crying, so William handed her his Elmo, because "Joy likes Elmo."  But when she started chewing on Elmo's eye, William said, "No Joy don't bite Elmo!  He does not go your mouth."  But he still let her hold onto him.  Love.

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