Wednesday, November 17, 2010


We rearranged the whole house last night.  A couple bookshelves moved upstairs. We broke down the playpen for the time being; and I think we're going to put a board across the top of the changing table and use it for shelves in the kitchen. The piano moved into the kitchen (which actually looks really nice with the picture overhead; but we need to get a rug for underneath and curtains for the windows or it will echo too much).  And we opened up the living room/office area into one wide open space.  It all looks really great. 

Omar and I have slowly been working on actually getting our house put together the way we want it.  I'm really feeling motivated now.  I want to start getting rid of some stuff.  (Anyone need a bassinet?)  And I want to get more pictures hung on the walls (which reminds me, we have yet to get a good picture of our family of 4). I want to get our dining rooms chairs reupholstered.  I want a cute decoration for the front door (almost time to put up a wreath).  This would be a lot easier if we had money.

We usually can't really get working on anything until the kids go to bed, so then we're usually up until midnight, and so tired the next day.  But it feels so good to see the progress we're making.

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