Friday, November 26, 2010


Thanksgiving is over.  I think it's safe to say it was a success.  All the food came out on time and nothing was burnt.  Aunt Carol's cheeseball was a big hit, like always.  I really liked how the mashed potatoes came out, and they were the most last minute and least thought-out food on the table.

There is definitely some pride involved in how well everything came out.  It was my first time doing a big Thanksgiving dinner on my own (my dad walked me through it last year), and everything went so well.  Mostly, I'm just glad that everyone seemed to enjoy it and have a good time.  My in-laws were all here.  There's a definite nerve factor there; I wanted everything to be great for them.  But of course, I don't think they really cared; they just wanted to play with the grandbabies.  Not that they didn't appreciate it (they did, after all, clean my kitchen for me), but who can blame them for wanting to just enjoy those precious babies?

And the babies love Lola and Opah.  Opah can get them smiling, and Lola has a knack for soothing and putting them to sleep.  It was great to be able to hand Joy off to them and not worry while I was in the kitchen preparing dinner.

Now I'm sitting, drinking a cup of hot tea with honey for my sore throat, and reflecting over the past few days.  It's been good.  I'm ready for Christmas decorations now.  The Christmas season is my favorite time of year.  Omar came up with the great idea that maybe Adam, Erin, and Titus can help us decorate the tree when they stay over tomorrow evening.  We just love that little family. I actually got to hold Titus yesterday, and he was telling me all kinds of stories.

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