Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weird Schedules

Today has been kind of weird; both my kids got on weird schedules somehow.  They both took really long naps this afternoon.  At the same time!  That never happens.  Omar and I both got naps, too, then woke up and didn't know what to do, because our kids were still asleep.

William is making some progress with his potty training.  He started off really well yesterday, but had a couple accidents this morning.  He took a three hour nap this afternoon; Omar had to go in and wake him up at around 5:15.  William woke up with a dry diaper, so we knew he really needed to go, but he was still sleepy and cranky and just being obstinate.  So we offered a candy if he would go pee on the potty, and he lit up with a smile and ran into the bathroom and did his business.  Yes, we bribed our child.  He got a lollipop.

Joy did not sleep much this morning at church, so she also fell asleep before two and took a three hour nap. I don't know why other people always have so much trouble putting my kids to sleep; it's not like I cuddle them and do special tricks: for her nap this afternoon, I just laid Joy down in the crib awake with her pacifier, and she went to sleep. She overslept her normal feeding time by a whole hour, so she woke up really cranky and hungry.  She stretched out her times between feedings a couple times today, so that she actually dropped a whole feeding.  She's gone to sleep now, but I'm not sure if she'll wake back up to squeeze in that last feeding or sleep her 5-7 hours now like usual.  She was really fussy this evening, and it was her "my tummy is hurting" cry.  So I gave her some Mylicon, and 5 minutes and several burps later, she was sleeping peacefully.

Choir practice was good tonight.  I haven't really had much time to work on this cantata, but I'm picking up the alto parts.  I feel like my ear has really improved, and Omar said he could teach me some things to improve my voice, like how to hold my notes steady and stuff.  I'd really like that, because I love to sing, but I know I'm not a naturally gifted singer.

On a more serious note, today has been kind of frustrating because we seem to have lost our direction.  For so long, Omar and I were so sure we knew where God was calling us and what He wanted us to do.  Now, it doesn't seem so clear anymore.  I'm not sure what comes next. I guess the kids aren't the only ones who lost track of the schedule.

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