Tuesday, November 30, 2010


We dedicated Joy on Sunday.  It doesn't seem long since we dedicated William.  I take my responsibilities as a mother very seriously.  I want to see my children grow to be responsible, caring adults who fear God.  I want them to be healthy and full of joy (no pun intended).  I recently read a blog that was titled "I don't want my kids to be happy," and it was about the fleeting happiness based on things and circumstances as opposed to the internal peace and joy that comes from being content and resting in God's plan.  There is so much teaching and nuturing and disciplining coming in the years ahead, and I pray that God will lead me and help me to raise my children.

I tend to by a very by-the-book type of person, but I quickly learned after William was born to be very intuitive as a mother.  The "book" may say one thing, but if I feel that's not what my child needs, I'm not going to do it because I know my children, and a random author doesn't.  I've learned that I'm not going to do everything perfectly, but that's ok.  I'm learning and growing just as much as my kids are.

Just as the title of my blog says, it's just day by day, spending time with my kids, loving them, and helping them to grow.  And I've dedicated myself to raise them in a Christian home and teach them about the Lord, praying that one day they will each come to know Christ as their Lord and Savior and follow Him.

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  1. Very nice Julie, you are such a good mom and your children are so fortunate to have you and Omar as their parents. Keep up the good work!